Who We Are

Your one-stop solution for digital marketing success. Let us navigate the vast digital landscape for you, showcasing your brand in impactful ways that captivate audiences and drive results.

Who Are We

Founded in 2019, FY Ads Singapore emerges as a leading force in the digital marketing landscape, specializing in driving exceptional results through strategic expertise and innovative approaches. As the exclusive partner of Xiaohongshu, and recognized as its Premier Overseas Partner, FY Ads Singapore pioneers groundbreaking campaigns that resonate across borders. Drawing from a rich legacy of success, our team is dedicated to elevating brands through a comprehensive suite of services, including Social Media Management (SMM), Influencers Marketing, Video Production, Content Creation and Web Design & Development. 

Our commitment to data-driven insights has fueled our expansion into the China, Malaysia and Thailand, meeting the burgeoning demands of local and regional markets. At FY Ads Singapore, we don’t just navigate the digital landscape – we redefine it.”

Regional Presence

FY Ads has solidified its footprint across the region, marking our territory as a formidable force in the realm of digital marketing. With strategic expansions into key markets, including Singapore, Malaysia , Thailand and China.

we’ve not only established ourselves as a credible agency but also cultivated a diverse understanding of digital landscapes. Our network of offices empowers us to tailor solutions that resonate with local nuances, providing our clients with unparalleled insights and results. 

At FY Ads our regional presence isn’t just about scale – it’s about leveraging our collective expertise to drive transformative outcomes for every client.


Why Partner With Us?


• Premier Xiaohongshu Partner
• Tencent Overseas Partner
• Tik Tok Overseas Partner


• Established in 2019
• Top 1 Cross-border marketing Agency

Review and Recommendation

• Regular Report and Review
• Accessible Hotline and Support Email
• Comprehensive Campaign Assessment

Account Ownership & Transparency Assurance

• Clients maintain complete account ownership
• Seamless Account Ownership Transfer
• Transparent communication

3:1 In-House Staff Ratio

• Dedicated Account Manager Per Account
• 3+ in-house staff members to each client account

Professional Team

• Expert handling for smooth transition
• Cutting-edge Technology
• Up-to-Date Industrial Knowledge

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