Connect Neo Garden with Chinese Consumers using XiaoHongShu


In Singapore’s dynamic catering industry, Neo Garden, a leader under Neo Group Limited, sought to expand its client base and boost sales for its catering and Ting Kat services. Turning to FY Ads for an innovative Xiaohongshu marketing strategy, Neo Garden tapped into the power of this popular Chinese social media and e-commerce platform, known as Little Red Book. With over 200 million global users, Xiaohongshu serves as a compelling platform for discovering products, services, and trends, making it ideal for businesses like Neo Garden to connect with potential customers. Leveraging Xiaohongshu’s unique blend of user-generated content and e-commerce capabilities, Neo Garden created engaging content that resonated with users, driving significant engagement and sales growth.

Campaign Objective

Neo Garden’s primary objective was to leverage Xiaohongshu to attract new customers and enhance brand visibility among Singapore’s tech-savvy Chinese-speaking consumers. Recognizing Xiaohongshu’s potential to reach a broad audience, FY Ads crafted a tailored digital marketing campaign to elevate Neo Garden’s online presence effectively.

Our Solution

FY Ads implemented a holistic approach to Neo Garden’s Xiaohongshu campaign:

  • Business Account Setup and Verification: Establishing Neo Garden’s official Xiaohongshu business account to enhance credibility and trust among users.
  • Quality Video & Static Content Creation: Developing visually appealing content, including videos and static posts, showcasing Neo Garden’s catering services and offerings.
  • Targeted Advertising: Precision-targeting ads within Singapore to ensure maximum visibility and engagement among relevant audiences.
  • Influencer Partnerships: Collaborating with influential Xiaohongshu users to amplify Neo Garden’s brand message authentically and attract followers.
  • Customer Engagement: Providing timely and informative responses to user inquiries on Xiaohongshu, fostering positive brand interactions.


The Xiaohongshu campaign for Neo Garden surpassed industry standards:

  • High Engagement Rate: Achieving a 100% engagement rate on Xiaohongshu posts, indicating strong audience connection and interest.
  • Sales Growth: Driving substantial revenue increases for Neo Garden’s catering and Ting Kat services through effective content and strategic marketing initiatives.


Neo Garden’s successful Xiaohongshu campaign exemplifies how strategic digital marketing can elevate brand presence and drive business growth. FY Ads’ expertise in leveraging Xiaohongshu positions Neo Garden to effectively reach and engage Singapore’s Chinese-speaking consumers, establishing a robust customer base and enhancing market leadership.

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