FY Ads Ignites Culinary Excitement with 7-Eleven Hairy Crab Campaign in Singapore, Leveraging Xiaohongshu Influencers

October 2023, Singapore – FY Ads, a leading digital marketing agency in Singapore, has once again demonstrated its expertise in influencer marketing with a delectable campaign for 7-Eleven Singapore. The campaign, which took place in October 2023, was centered around the introduction of the Hairy Crab delicacy in 7-Eleven stores across Singapore, utilizing the influential power of Xiaohongshu influencers to create buzz and excitement.

Snapshot of Xiaohongshu Campaign KOL Brief by FY Ads 

A Culinary Adventure with 7-Eleven’s Hairy Crab

7-Eleven, known for bringing innovative and convenient food options to consumers, has taken a leap into the gourmet world by introducing Hairy Crabs, a sought-after delicacy, in their Singapore outlets. FY Ads was instrumental in amplifying this launch, making the Hairy Crab a must-try for food enthusiasts.

Tantalizing the Taste Buds of Singapore

The campaign featured select influencers from Xiaohongshu, known for their culinary insights and broad follower base. These influencers were invited to experience the Hairy Crab first-hand, sharing their genuine reviews and culinary adventures with their followers. This approach not only heightened the anticipation but also provided a relatable and trustworthy perspective on the new offering.

7-Eleven has pre-order sale on famous Shanghai Hairy Crabs from Yangcheng Lake in China

Engaging Content that Resonates with Food Lovers

Influencers created a variety of content, from unboxing videos to taste tests, showcasing the ease of purchasing and preparing the Hairy Crabs from 7-Eleven. The campaign highlighted the convenience and quality of 7-Eleven’s gourmet offering, bridging the gap between convenience stores and premium culinary experiences.

FY Ads: Pioneering in Influencer Marketing

This successful campaign adds to FY Ads’ growing portfolio of innovative marketing strategies. Their ability to tap into niche markets and create impactful campaigns is evident in the buzz created around 7-Eleven’s Hairy Crab. By leveraging Xiaohongshu influencers, FY Ads has not only promoted a product but also enhanced the overall brand perception of 7-Eleven in Singapore.


The 7-Eleven Hairy Crab campaign is a testament to FY Ads’ proficiency in executing targeted and engaging influencer campaigns. It underscores their capability to transform everyday products into trending topics, driving both excitement and sales. This campaign is yet another example of how FY Ads is shaping the future of digital marketing in Singapore and beyond.

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