FY Ads Singapore Revolutionizes Luxury Brand Marketing with Coach’s “Love” Campaign on Xiaohongshu 小红书

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, FY Ads Singapore has emerged as a trailblazer, masterfully executing an influencer campaign for the renowned international brand Coach. The campaign, which marked the launch of Coach’s latest fragrance, “Love,” on the popular social media platform Xiaohongshu, has set a new standard in luxury brand marketing.

Bringing a New Fragrance to Life with Influencer Magic

In September 2023, the bustling streets of Paragon Orchard in Singapore, and in October, the vibrant heart of Midvalley in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, were chosen as the backdrops for this innovative campaign. FY Ads curated a select group of twenty top fashion influencers from Xiaohongshu for each location, ensuring a broad yet targeted reach.

Event Pictures of Coach Love Pop up at Paragon Orchard , Singapore

More Than Just Marketing: Creating Authentic Connections

What made the campaign stand out was FY Ads Singapore’s focus on authenticity. Influencers were encouraged to share their personal experiences with Coach’s “Love,” weaving each fragrance note into their own stories of elegance and emotion. This approach went beyond traditional marketing tactics, fostering a genuine connection between the product and the audience.

A Personal Touch: Engraving Emotions onto Bottles

Adding a layer of intimacy, FY Ads introduced a calligraphy artist at the events to personalize perfume bottles for influencers and customers. This bespoke touch transformed each bottle of “Love” into a cherished keepsake, emblematic of personal moments and cherished memories.

Calligraphy artist at the events to personalize perfume bottles for influencers and customers

FY Ads: A Name Synonymous with Innovative Marketing

This campaign is a testament to FY Ads’ expertise in synthesizing various digital marketing strategies. With a rich history of over four years and more than 100 successful campaigns, particularly on Xiaohongshu, FY Ads has proven its ability to elevate brands, whether they are burgeoning SMEs or well-established players like Coach.

Xiaohongshu Influencers’ posts about Coach Love Perfume Campaign

A Milestone Partnership with Xiaohongshu

The campaign’s success is also a reflection of FY Ads’ strategic partnership with Xiaohongshu. As the platform’s official global business agency, FY Ads has been instrumental in connecting international brands with China’s vibrant younger generation, a demographic that significantly influences current market trends.

The success of the Coach “Love” campaign on Xiaohongshu underscores FY Ads’ proficiency in crafting and executing influential marketing strategies that resonate with contemporary audiences. Their ability to integrate authenticity with creative marketing solutions positions them as a leader in the field, poised to elevate more international brands in the digital realm.

For more information about FY Ads and their services, visit https://fy-ads.com/ or contact admin@fy-ads.com .

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