FY Ads Singapore Spotlights I-PRIMO’s Success Story in Xiaohongshu (Red) Marketing Campaign

FY Ads Singapore is excited to showcase the ongoing collaboration with I-PRIMO Singapore as a standout example of Xiaohongshu (Red) marketing success. This partnership highlights the effectiveness of strategic alliances in engaging the Chinese demographic in Singapore through Xiaohongshu.

A Success Story: Since December 2022, I-PRIMO Singapore has been collaborating closely with FY Ads Singapore to enhance its digital presence and connect with the Chinese audience in Singapore through Xiaohongshu marketing initiatives. The journey began with influencer marketing and has since evolved into a comprehensive marketing strategy encompassing I-PRIMO Singapore’s Xiaohongshu (Red) official business account, influencer marketing campaigns, and targeted boosting ads tailored for the Singapore region..

I-PRIMO Singapore Xiaohongshu Account 

Empowering Overseas Businesses with Xiaohongshu (Red): FY Ads Singapore, as an official partner for Xiaohongshu in overseas markets, offers seamless setup and verification of Xiaohongshu business accounts. This capability, whether with Singapore’s ACRA or any overseas registration, simplifies the entry process into this dynamic marketplace.

Precision Targeting for Local Impact: FY Ads Singapore specializes in precision targeting, enabling businesses to reach their desired audience with precision. Leveraging insights into the Singapore market, FY Ads helps businesses boost ads that precisely target the Singapore region, maximizing visibility and impact among local consumers.

Xiaohongshu Marketing Strategy

Measurable Results and Impact: The ongoing collaboration between FY Ads Singapore and I-PRIMO Singapore has delivered impressive results. Notable increases in brand awareness, engagement, and conversion rates on Xiaohongshu (Red) have been observed. Moreover, there has been a noticeable uptick in customer foot traffic and purchases to I-PRIMO’s stores in Singapore, directly attributed to Xiaohongshu (Red) marketing efforts.

Looking Ahead: Buoyed by this ongoing success, FY Ads Singapore remains committed to pushing the boundaries of Xiaohongshu (Red) marketing innovation in Singapore. With a focus on strategic partnerships, data-driven insights, and creative storytelling, FY Ads Singapore continues to empower brands to connect with the Chinese audience in Singapore effectively.

About FY Ads Singapore: FY Ads Singapore is a leading digital marketing agency specializing in innovative marketing solutions across various industries. As an official partner for Xiaohongshu in overseas markets, FY Ads Singapore offers comprehensive services, including Xiaohongshu business account setup and verification, precise targeting for boosted ads, and strategic campaign management.

About I-PRIMO Singapore: I-PRIMO Singapore is a premier bridal jewelry brand known for its exquisite craftsmanship, timeless designs, and unparalleled quality. With a focus on celebrating love and romance, I-PRIMO Singapore offers a curated selection of engagement rings, wedding bands, and bridal jewelry collections that capture the essence of every love story.

I-PRIMO Singapore Store @ ION Orchard, Photo from https://www.iprimo.sg/shop/ 

For More Information: To learn more about FY Ads Singapore’s ongoing collaboration with I-PRIMO Singapore or to inquire about their Xiaohongshu (Red) marketing services targeting the Chinese audience in Singapore, please contact Admin@fy-ads.com .

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